powerman supported power controllers

Make and Model Plugs Device Name Notes
Appro SWPDU 48 swpdu
APC AP9210 8 apcnew Firmware APP v2.2.0 or newer.
APC AP9210 8 apc Firmware APP v2.2.0 through APP v.1.1.1 (not inclusive)
APC AP9210 8 apcold Firmware APP v1.1.1 or older.
APC AP7900, 01, 20, 21 8 apc7900 Firmware APP v2.6.5 and older
APC AP7930, 32, 40, 41, 60, 61, 68, 90, 91, 98, 51, 52, 53, 54 24 apcpdu Firmware APP v2.6.5 and older
APC AP7930 et al 24 apcpdu3 Firmware APP v3.3.3 and newer
Baytech RPC3 8 baytech
Baytech RPC3-20NC 8 baytech-rpc3-nc
Baytech RPC28-30NC 20 baytech-rpc28-nc
Cyclades PM10 10 pm10
Cyclades PM8 8 pm8
Digital Loggers LPC, EPCR2, DIN 8 dli
HP3488 Switch/Control Unit configurable hp3488 Requires gpib-utils hp3488 utility
IBM Blade Center Management Module 15 ibmbladecenter
ICS 8064 Ethernet Relay Interface 16 ics8064 Requires gpib-utils ics8064 utility
SmartLabs 2412S Power Line Modem (for X10/Insteon) configurable plmpower
LNXI Icebox v2 10 icebox
LNXI Icebox v3, v4 10 icebox3
Sun ILOM Management Module 1 ilom-inline Inline with serial console
IPMI 1.5 terminal mode 1 ipmi Serial only
IPMI configurable ipmipower Requires FreeIPMI ipmipower utility
Rackable Systems Phantom v3 and v4 1 phantom
WTI RPS-10 10 wti-rps10 Single plug controller, up to 10 units daisy chained.
WTI NPS 8 wti

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